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The simplicity of my works belies its intentioned impact. By giving equal importance to the tangible and intangible, to the positive and negative, I aim to create work that transports, exalts and transcends the everyday. Through exploring our connection to nature and landscape, we can revere not the only the natural world but also preserve a space for inner reflection.


Amy Thompson is a Canadian visual artist currently based in Ottawa, ON. She grew up in Ottawa, dividing her time between the city and the surrounding Québec landscape. She studied Fine Art at York University and graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, winning the David L Stevenson Scholarship and shortlisted for the Governor General Academic Medal.


Thompson works across range of mediums including drawing, mixed media and sculpture. Thompson’s work explores themes of memory and the natural world through a juxtaposition of imagery and form. In her work she both highlights the importance of protecting our environment and preserving space for contemplation and reflection.


She has created public artworks in Ontario, Québec and British Columbia. Her work has been featured on book, magazine and album covers. She has lived, worked and exhibited within Canada, the US and Europe and has been acquired by art collections in Ottawa, Vancouver, the US and Amsterdam.


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